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Don’t be so distracted by young Harrison Ford that you fail to appreciate Mark Hamill’s face in the last gif.

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"Doctor? ...Doctor?"

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Well, let’s see. If you had to repeat yourself over and over, the same questions, every single day with every single customer, knowing that you’re going to get yelled at or brushed off, ignored or hear a bunch of complaining or conspiracy theories after you ask your questions but you HAVE to ask them- wouldn’t that be frustrating? To be put down just for doing your job?

It doesn’t stop there. How about being yelled at for things outside of your control? Like the prices of items, store policies, how other associates behaved, your manager’s behaviour, basic advances in technology (CARD READERS!!)- that’s all your fault and your responsibility according to customers.

There’s more. It’s bad enough you have to repeat yourself every day and get backlash for it, but how about hearing the same things from others everyday? “All these machines are different!” or “Why do I have to show my ID?!” or “This is SO much cheaper at Walmart!” not to mention the “jokes.. “It didn’t scan! It must be FREE!” or “I don’t need a bag! Let’s save a plastic tree! HUR HUR HUR!!” ………………….

Then there’s the disrespect that management gives you, that customers give you, and that fellow cashiers give you. You are the most “valuable part of the company!” but they treat you as if you have no value at all. If someone’s getting cut, it will most likely be you before anyone else. So… yeah… it’s a shit job where you get shat on every day.


Also, cashiers get sick all the time because of all the germs on people’s hands and money. And they have to stand all day, which is exhausting.

And then people treat you like you must be dumb because you’re working as a cashier! So you don’t matter.

Yeah. This.

Why Doctor Oswald you are hilarious.

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You’re one in a million. That means there are 320 of you in the United States. Find yourself. Start an army. Overthrow the government of a small midwestern town. Run shit.

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What happens if they touch us?
I really don’t want to find out.

Doctor Clara and Companion Rigsy is a show I’d watch and love.

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Some days you need whatever pick me up you can get so you decide to put some efforts into your looks for nothing more than a trip to the grocery store.



After a fuckton of obsessive sleuthing, I found out where Steve’s apartment was in Dupont Circle. That was my first touristy order in DC—I have priorities, people!

Now off to find the exact tree where Sam and Steve meet cute.

revealingproserpina I feel like I might have to come visit you and then walk by here trying not to geek out.

I know exactly where that is in Dupont!! I would love to play Cap 2 DC locations tour guide.



Glamour finally speaking my language


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sif week, day one: character traits


"I am impelled, not to squeak like a grateful and apologetic mouse, but to roar like a lion out of pride in my profession." - John Steinbeck

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"I don’t even know how you do that."